Bail / Bond Advocacy in Wisconsin

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Let's Talk about Bail and Bond in Wisconsin

Bail and Bond Advocacy in Wisconsin 2023

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Let’s bail

When someone is charged with a crime in Wisconsin, they may be eligible for pretrial release provided they abide by any non-monetary bond conditions and pay any required cash bail. The Wisconsin Statutes provide that bail may be imposed at a defendant’s initial appearance if the court finds it necessary to assure the defendant’s future appearance before the court.1 If you’re representing a criminal defendant at their initial appearance, how do you prepare your client for the best possible outcome?

At Bail and Bond Advocacy in Wisconsin, Brian Dimmer will help you make sense of the bail process, so you can provide the most effective representation for clients facing pretrial detention. You’ll discover how to:

  • Develop a solid strategy for the hearing
  • Help your client anticipate and address concerns the court may have
  • Prepare your client for conditions that may be imposed on bail or bond

Find out how other strategic decisions, such what plea your client enters, may impact the court’s bail or bond determination. Plus, you’ll explore various risk-assessment tools and find out how procedures may vary by county. 

Be ready for your next client’s initial appearance with information you’ll learn at Bail and Bond Advocacy in Wisconsin.

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