Know your rights

What to do when an officer seizes or arrests you


How should I respond when an officer seizes or arrests me?

In response to the Jacob Blake tragedy in Kenosha last week, we wanted to provide our prospective clients with some helpful guidance on how to respond when an officer seizes or arrests you. 

1. The only information you need to give an officer is your name, date of birth, and address. Give no other information before consulting with an attorney.

2. Follow the officer's instructions regarding where you stand, where you place your hands, or whether you are handcuffed or placed into a squad vehicle. If the officer lacked lawful authority to stop or arrest you, then we can challenge that down the road in court. 

3. If you carry a CCW permit, comply with the rules and regulations relative to that permit.

4. Do NOT ask any questions. Questions can be more telling to an officer than if you make a statement. 

5. Request to speak to an attorney. Call 262-632-2200 to schedule a same-day consultation with our aggressive and experienced attorneys here at Dimmer Law Office, LLC.