Request an Administrative Suspension Hearing

Protecting Your License After an DUI ticket or charge


Why you should hire an attorney BEFORE your administrative suspension hearing

After an arrest for a DUI or OWI, Wisconsin police officers will request a sample of breath or alcohol to test for alcohol or drugs. If that test shows over .08 alcohol, or the presence of illegal drugs, then the office will submit a notice of intent to suspend the person's drivers license. 

This suspension is separate from any license revocation that might occur if the person is later convicted of the DUI/OWI. The suspension is six months long. Any suspension counts toward that later license revocation as part of the DUI/OWI. So, why fight it?

Here is why you have the administrative suspension hearing.

1. We get the police reports early if we request a hearing. That gives us additional time to prepare for court, make challenges to the investigation, and preserve evidence (e.g. video surveillance).

2. If the officer fails to submit the reports to the DOT, then the DOT will not suspend the person's license. This can help a client save their job and livelihood.

3. Even if the DOT suspends the person's license, we can request a stay AS LONG AS, we request the hearing. If we do not request a hearing, then we cannot request a stay. 

4. Although the DOT administrative suspension hearing is difficult, we still win them! Saving a client's license in the short-term is one of the many ways we can provide immense value to a client. 

If you or someone you know has been cited or charged with a DUI or an OWI, then please contact us for a free consultation.

Brian P. Dimmer