Brian P. Dimmer

Brian P. Dimmer


I have been a criminal defense attorney since graduating from the Marquette University Law School in May of 2009. I began my practice in Appleton, where I took both private and public defender criminal cases and represented my clients from pre-charging to jury trial and post-conviction stages. I have successfully resolved cases through smart motion-filing practice, diligent investigation, plea negotiations, and, jury trial contests.

In 2012, I moved to Racine, Wisconsin to continue my criminal defense practice. After representing over a thousand clients, I continue to provide great results through strong motion practice, litigation, and persuasive arguments in the courtroom.

Additionally, I take pride in benefiting my criminal defense and traffic ticket clients beyond simply fighting in the courtroom. I work to provide them with an understanding of the process, a fair assessment of their options, and the ability to pursue their goals in resolving a case. Criminal defense cases threaten one's employment, ability to provide and care for family, and even personal property. I keep these things in mind when representing my clients and pursuing their goals.

My practice focuses on being a DUI Attorney, a Sexual Assault Attorney, a Theft Attorney, a Traffic Ticket Lawyer, a Drug Charge Attorney, and a Homicide Attorney. I have also handled hundreds of other criminal defense cases in between. 

Outside of my practice of law, I enjoy spending time at my cottage in the Northwoods, where I kayak, fish, hunt, and enjoy time with family and friends nearly year-round. I live between Milwaukee and Racine, where I enjoy running, playing tennis, taking in a new movie or concert, or enjoying a meal out with friends and family. I love collecting vinyl records and a good concert.  

I am proud of my firm, Racine Defense. If you or someone you know has potential criminal exposure, do not hesitate to call or text at (262) 649-1263 or email [email protected] for a free consultation. The sooner representation is secured the sooner your rights are protected.

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