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Why You Need Proactive Criminal Defense

Domestic violence attorney work involves more than just defending a misdemeanor or felony battery or assault charge. 

In Wisconsin domestic violence charges cause immediate, detrimental consequences. If you're facing domestic violence charges, then you need to contact us immediately.  Here's why you should hire RACINE DEFENSE when charged with an assault:

1. Challenge "No Contact" orders between you and the ones you love.

As a domestic violence attorney, we can work with you to challenge a court-order restricting a defendant's ability to have contact with family members involved in an altercation. Wisconsin courts are all too willing to extend this no-contact order until the case is over.

No-contact orders become especially problematic for clients when the event that lead to the charge was a fight — and they want to repair their relationship through counseling, apology, or support. This is also very difficult when two persons lived in the same residence. During the period of no contact, one party must live somewhere else. This is turn becomes quite expensive and emotionally damaging — especially for children in common.

As aggressive criminal defense attorneys, we are experienced at arguing that the no contact order be lifted or not ordered at all. Our court-side office makes scheduling these hearings easier — we don’t need to travel down from Milwaukee or up from Kenosha. We can be there within 5 minutes. And we know the steps that the Racine courts require to lift these no contact orders.

2. Prepare to impress the district attorney and the court. 

Being a proactive domestic violence attorney, we know what the prosecutors like to see before agreeing to resolve these cases without a domestic abuse enhancer, or without a criminal conviction. We are familiar with the counseling and programming that the prosecutors and courts trust. We know that often these assault or disorderly conduct cases are the first time a client has ever been in trouble with the law. We know that the last thing they want is a criminal conviction for a simple argument with their spouse. We are connected with good lawyers that can speak with your spouse or family member, to make sure that his or her wishes in how your case is resolved are made know to the District Attorney. We make sure that, if they don’t want you to go to jail, that they can get that heard in court, heard by the prosecutor.

3. Understand how domestic violence cases affect gun ownership rights. 

To be knowledgeable domestic violence attorneys, we know that domestic abuse cases put gun-ownership rights at risk. In a state like Wisconsin, we know how important these rights are to hunters and sportsman, not to mention persons who exercise lawful carry and conceal. Attorney Dimmer is an avid hunter and sportsman, so he knows how important these rights are to our clients. We will make sure that we work towards resolving a case to not deprive our clients of their gun ownership rights. If necessary, we will take our clients’ cases to trial to get the results they expect.

In the end, we know how emotional and difficult domestic abuse criminal cases can be. Do not try to resolve these cases on your own. You should hire the experienced and successful attorneys at RACINE DEFENSE to represent you in these matters.

“They worked to resolve my case swiftly, without a criminal conviction, and saved my job and reputation.”
— State v. K.M. (13 CM 1400)
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