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Drug defense attorney work is one of our primary criminal law practices at RACINE DEFENSE, Other than homicide and sexual assault, drug charges are one of the most serious crimes in Wisconsin.

Whether federal or in Wisconsin, drug offenses break down into three primary groups: 

  • (1) Possession of a controlled substance;
  • (2) Delivery (or sale) of a controlled substance;
  • (3) Manufacture (or growth) of a controlled substance.

Penalties for committing a drug offense vary greatly, depending on the following factors:

  • What is the controlled substance?
  • How much of the controlled substance was seized by the police?
  • Why did the defendant have the controlled substance?
  • Has the defendant been convicted of possessing a controlled substance before?
  • Does the defendant have a drug abuse problem?

A drug conviction can have substantial, longterm negative effects on a person's future:

  • Loss of current employment and struggles to find new work;
  • Loss of education opportunities, including federal student aid;
  • Permanent felony record, even if you are under 25 years of age or have no prior record;
  • Future drug charges are more serious - if you have a prior offense, then your next charge will almost certainly be a felony. 

Hiring a drug defense attorney like Attorneys Dimmer is the first step in addressing the above-issues. Whether State of Wisconsin or Federal charges, here is how we can help challenge your drug charge and aggressively protect your rights and future:

  • We challenge a traffic stops, extension of the traffic stop after initial contact with the driver and passengers, and the ultimate search of the vehicle;
  • We challenge statements made after arrest, especially if the officer's fail to abide by Miranda-Goodchild case law before conducting an interview;
  • We can challenge the probable cause supporting a search warrant or the reasonableness of the search warrant execution;
  • We can challenge the credibility of the cooperating citizen or "CI" who worked for the government in a controlled buy;
  • We can challenge the weight and packaging of a seized quantity of drugs;
  • We can challenge the search of a residence if conducted outside of a search warrant;
  • We can challenge the search of cellular phones or other electronic data (e.g. GPS) used to connect clients to drug use/dealing.
  • We can obtain and review search warrants, as the government often relies upon these documents to enter a client’s home. We demand to inspect the physical evidence to confirm that the State even has the drugs they say they do.
  • We can obtain State Crime Laboratory reports and cross-reference them with the police reports to confirm that the substances tested are the drugs the prosecution has charged our client with. Drug cases are defendable — typical defenses include personal use (if the quantity is substantial), lack of possession, and challenges to the truthfulness of the State’s witnesses, particularly a confidential informant.
  • If necessary, we can act as a facilitator between the State, the court, and you, for obtaining vital treatment and direct the case toward a rehabilitative (rather than punitive) sentence.



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