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Why you need an aggressive DUI Attorney:

At RACINE DEFENSE we have trained to be an aggressive DUI Attorney. We don’t just say that. Over the  years, we have defended numerous clients at jury trials — trials where the jury came back and said “not guilty.”  Being an aggressive DUI Defense Attorney also means filing motions to suppress evidence such as a blood or breath sample given by our client after a flawed law enforcement investigation.

Here are some of DUI Attorney success stories where we have challenged the investigation:

  • A case where the officers threatened to obtain a search warrant when they had no probable cause that our client was impaired. Result: Evidence suppressed.
  • A case where the officer relied upon a third-party caller to stop the driver, despite having no independent observations of bad driving and no personal knowledge that the client was impaired. Result: Evidence suppressed.
  • A case where the officer unlawfully entered the dwelling of a client to interview him about a vehicle collision. Result: Evidence suppressed.
  • A case where the officer unlawfully seized our client in his driveway without knowing who he was. Result: Evidence suppressed.
  • A case where the officer forced a blood draw from the client when the officer was unable to obtain a search warrant. Result: Evidence suppressed.

As an aggressive DUI Attorney, we assist our clients to  minimize the consequences of an OWI or DUI even before a trial or motion. Here’s how:

1. Keep your drivers license while the DUI is pending.

If your blood or breath measured over .08, then you have 10 days to request an administrative suspension hearing, which the Department of Transportation holds to determine whether to suspend your license. This happens BEFORE you are convicted of an OWI. If your license is suspended, then you must contact your insurance company for SR-22 proof of insurance. This can cost you more in coverage premiums. We help clients avoid or delay getting insurance companies involved, and the likely higher premiums that go with it. 

2. Minimize or avoid the penalties that come with an OWI.

Even if the OWI is your first offense, you will face mandatory license revocation. For Wisconsin licensed drivers, this can range from 6-9 months, or 12 months if you refused to take a breath or blood test. We help our clients argue for the least amount of revocation time.  A first OWI also carries a fine and court costs that just under $1,000, or more for second and subsequent offenses. You also have 6 demerit points assessed against your drivers license.

If this is your second OWI offense or more, or your blood or breath test results are above .15, then you will be forced to an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) in EACH OF YOUR VEHICLES, for at least 12 months.  IID's are very expensive, and cost drivers around $1,000 a year in maintenance, installment, and calibration.  Here’s a link about IID devices: http://wisconsindot.gov/Documents/about-wisdot/who-we-are/dsp/iid-faq.pdf

Attorney Dimmer recently taught the OWI attorneys in Wisconsin about creative ways around this requirement. We are experts in helping clients avoid this requirement. 

3. Challenge your Prior DUI Conviction.

A unique feature of OWI’s is that your punishment automatically increases with each additional offense. If this is your second OWI offense or more, or you had a child under 16 years in your vehicle at the time of driving, then you face jail time (for a fourth offense, you could be facing prison time). Because of our court-side business location, and exclusive criminal defense practice in Racine County, we have built strong relationships with the persons involved in crafting the terms of any mandatory jail — the where, when, and how. Have a job? We can help you keep it by arguing for Huber privileges during your jail sentence.  Some clients even receive electronic monitoring. Have a job outside of Racine County? We can argue that you be able to serve your sentence in your county of residence or employment.

If this is your fourth offense or greater, then we need to work to make sure you do not go to prison.  Fourth offenses are now felony offenses in Wisconsin. But not all persons who are convicted of fourth offenses get prison time. Whether a client receives prison or probation depends on a range of factors — the blood test level, the time between priors, any treatment, and substantial sentencing hearing preparation.

A word about collateral attacks. We have experience and success in challenging a prior offense — particularly those that occurred out-of-state.  If you did not have an attorney represent you on a prior conviction, then you need to bring that up to the attorneys here at RACINE DEFENSE. 

Either way, we strongly believe that our firm will help you minimize, if not eliminate, jail time as part of receiving an OWI charge. 

4. Challenge your other traffic tickets, too.

OWI cases usually involve other traffic or speeding violations, with expensive tickets. We can help reduce or eliminate those other tickets, saving you driving demerit points, costly fines, and potential suspensions. If you accrue more than 12 demerit points in a single year of time, then you could face an additional suspension. Two suspensions in a single year could result in a year of total license revocation — without the possibility of an occupational drivers license. Accordingly, those other tickets matter, and you need an attorney familiar with working to dismiss them.

5. Challenge your DUI with scientific and technical training and knowledge.

Clients are often surprised how technical and scientific OWI defense work is. Just because the final blood or breath sample is above .08, we can still challenge how that sample was obtained or whether it accurately measures your level of intoxication at the time of driving.  Believe it or not, the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene is the last place you would want to send a blood sample for accurate testing.

To train and prepare to effectively and aggressively be your DUI Attorney, we annually attend a multi-day conference where the best DUI attorneys in Wisconsin come together to discuss successful scientific challenges to blood and breath testing, along with a multitude of other issues unique to OWI cases. In fact, we have even taught at this conference! We are members of the National College for DUI Defense for the same reason — we connect with other bright OWI attorneys to learn the most about challenging a client’s alcohol test result.

For these reasons, we urge you to trust us as your DUI attorney. It does not matter when it is a first offense or a fifth or greater offense, you need an aggressive attorney at your side who knows the law and can defend you in court. Call us today at 262-977-7720.

“No rock was unturned and every bit of evidence was analyzed. Brian Dimmer is an attorney for the people.”
— Helen, 1-20-16 (via avvo.com)
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