Juvenile Delinquency Actions

Let's talk about juvenile delinquency actions.

At Richards & Dimmer, S.C., we represent juveniles who have been charged with criminal offenses. These cases are handled differently than adult criminal cases, but many of the same benefits to hiring an experienced and successful defense attorney can make the difference in how juvenile case resolves. Here's why:

1. Avoid waiver into adult court. Depending on the age, maturity level, and nature of the charge, the prosecution could seek to waive or send the juvenile into adult court. Adult records, unlike juvenile records, are public records, so hiring an attorney experienced at preparing and handling waiver hearings can make the difference between a confidential juvenile record and a public adult record.

2. Control the range of court sentencing/disposition options. The court can still send a juvenile to corrections (like prison) if found delinquent of a criminal act in Wisconsin. As juvenile defense attorneys, our job is to recommend and argue for lesser sanctions, such as in-home supervision, programming, and strict court-supervision. Removal from the home can be a painful and very detrimental experience, so hiring a juvenile defense attorney can keep your family intact.

3. Juveniles have a right to trial. Although juveniles do not have a right to a formal jury trial, juveniles still have a right to a court trial. The prosecution must still prove that the juvenile committed the charge offense, so the same benefits to hiring a skilled and experienced trial attorney apply in providing a solid defense.

4. Expungement is available in juvenile cases. Even though juvenile records are held confidentially, the court still has authority to expunge or remove from the record a juvenile's case. This great outcome is not automatic. Hiring a defense attorney can best-position you to argue for expungement.

Whether arguing against corrections or for expungement, hiring one of our attorneys can substantially benefit your child or family member facing juvenile delinquency charges. Call us today at 262-632-2200 for a free initial consultation.

“I am incredibly grateful to Brian for his excellent work in defending my son.He was facing felony charges that were…”
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