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Can I possess or consume marijuana in Wisconsin legally?

The simple answer, other than very very limited medical purposes, marijuana is illegal at all times, all places, and all amounts in Wisconsin. This law runs counter to the progressing legalization movement sweeping the United States. Even now, our neighbor states Illinois and Michigan have taken a different approach and permit use and possession of marijuana. Not Wisconsin.

What about CBD, can I use that even though marijuana is illegal?

As CBD has grown in popularity in Wisconsin, the legal issues surrounding its use and possession have started to mature in our criminal courts. Here are some of the legal issues that make CBD possession an unsettled territory:

  • CBD or hemp products can resemble marijuana, and officers frequently use their resemblance to justify a search of a person or vehicle;
  • Officers often cite or charge a person with marijuana possession BEFORE the substance is even tested;
  • Just because a substance was purchased legally from a gas station does not mean that it means state-regulations.

Hiring an experienced marijuana defense attorney can ensure that CBD possession does not result in a conviction for marijuana possession. You need an attorney that is versed in the literature navigating this unsettled territory. You  need RACNE DEFENSE.

What are the consequences for marijuana possession in Wisconsin?

The potential punishment for possessing marijuana depends on several factors:

  • How much (weight) marijuana was seized?
  • Does the person have a prior conviction for possessing illegal drugs?
  • Did the person have any intention of selling or giving the marijuana to another person?

A simple marijuana possession can be resolved as a civil forfeiture or a misdemeanor possession. Moreover, we have experience working with the county prosecutors to craft agreements to dismiss the ticket or misdemeanor if our client completes counseling or court-authorized programming. 

If a person has a large amount of marijuana or the marijuana and other possessions suggest to law enforcement that you might be delivering have intent to sell the marijuana, then you could face felony charges and prison. Here, you need an experienced marijuana defense attorney who can challenge the officers' investigation, determine whether the prosecution can actually prove that you had an intent to deliver the marijuana, and to prepare to have a jury trial if the prosecution will not amend the charges to a simple possession or ticket. 

We can also challenge the prosecution on the basis of Wisconsin's limited medical marijuana use exemption. This exemption is very complex and requires an experienced marijuana defense attorney.

Why else choose RACINE DEFENSE as my marijuana defense attorney?

We have stayed connected to the legalization movement across the United States, and that connection provides insight and persuasion in arguing for lesser penalty and leniency in marijuana possession cases - both during and at trial. We unashamedly subscribe to High Times Magazine, which we read for the articles. We focus our continuing legal education on drug and marijuana defense. We stand prepared to defend our clients against Wisconsin's strict marijuana laws. Contact us today!

“After we filed a motion for summary judgment, the State agreed to dismiss the case entirely.”
— State v. R.C. (11 CV 1861)
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