Property Crime Defense

Let's talk about defending property crimes.

Property crimes cover a broad range of cases. A person who intentionally damages the property of another without his or her consent commits a criminal damage to property. A person who permanently deprives another person of his or her property commits a theft. Other property crimes can include taking and driving vehicles without permission, fraud and identity theft cases, and other similar offenses.

Sometimes property crime cases can be resolved by determining if the complainant actually wants to pursue criminal charges, or just wants to be made whole again. Over the years, we have procured agreements that reduces or eliminates the property crime charge in exchange for reimbursing the complainant.

If the property offense cannot be resolve by some agreement, then we need to prepare for trial as we would in any other case. As with other trial experiences, we have been there, too. You want a trial attorney with experience resolving property crimes cases no matter which path it travels, no matter whether the property is a yard ornament or a vehicle. 

Here's a list of steps that the attorneys at Richards & Dimmer, S.C. take in defending property crimes case:

-Challenge whether the property was actually the complainant's at all--sometimes ownership is in dispute;

-Challenge the value of the property;

-Challenge whether our client's actually took or damaged the property--this is especially important in theft from employer cases;

-Review business records, surveillance videos, and other physical evidence;

-Interview witnesses and carefully examine written statements;

-Defend property crimes at trial--we have successfully argued for acquittals in many jury trials, as recent as a theft from employer case in early January of 2019!

“Mark negotiated a deferred judgment agreement that helped me save my reputation, job, and family.”
— State v. T.K. (13 CM 530)
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