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A recent USA Today article claimed that 1 in 6 Americans receives a speeding ticket each year. That comes out to about 41 million tickets each year! At Richards & Dimmer, we believe that 6 in 6 of those drivers should be hiring us to help them defend their speeding or traffic ticket. Here's why:

What Wisconsin drivers should know, however, is that you should never just send in the ticket with the payment. At Richards & Dimmer, S.C. we specialize in defending and negotiating traffic tickets. We know that a speeding ticket may only cost $200.00 now, but the consequences go WAY beyond the fine. Here’s what is at stake in receiving a traffic ticket, and why you should hire us to handle it for you:

First, let me emphasize that we handle it for you. That means that after you hire us, you don’t have to go to court. We go. You don’t. That time and stress savings is usually worth most of our fee right away. We see the lines at the courthouse and the hours that people wait for their names to be called. Traffic court day (or night, for the municipalities) is a nightmare. We can help you escape that.

Second, we know the prosecutors and judges well. We know how far they will bend to resolve a ticket, and what things they like to see (or not see). That experience over the years guarantees that we will get the best result for your ticket.

Third, negotiating tickets, even for an increased fine, still saves you money. Insurance companies base their monthly rates on your driving record. If you get a speeding ticket on your record, that will probably negatively (increase) your premium for three years! Just think—if your insurance premium goes up $25 a month because of a speeding ticket, over three years, then you just cost yourself almost a $1000 by not fighting your ticket.

Fourth, multiple speeding tickets, and the points against your license, can eventually cost a driver his or her license. Anyone with 12 or more points against his or her license in a one-year period loses the privilege to drive – called a suspension. And if the driver gets a super-speeding ticket (more than 25 over), then they could face an additional suspension. Two or more suspensions or revocations in a year could result in a total loss of driving privileges—for a year!

Taken together, you should not simply pay a speeding (or other traffic) ticket. You should rely on the expertise of a traffic defense attorney to save you in both demerit points but more importantly, insurance premium fees. Don’t feel ashamed—1 of 6 people you know should have called us, too!

For more helpful information, check out this USA Today article: http://classifieds.usatoday.com/blog/automotive/times-you-should-hire-a-traffic-ticket-lawyer/



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