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To that end, we are thankful to share the words of praise and recommendation from many of our clients who made the great choice in going with Richards & Dimmer, S.C.

While our clients’ privacy is very important to us, some of them have allowed us to post their words and thanks, with some confidentiality, to help other, future potential clients know what great outcomes and work we accomplish on a daily basis as criminal defense attorneys.

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"I originally hired an attorney that just was not working out at all. Someone I came across, who I didn’t even know, overheard I was charged with a crime I did not commit. The first words out of his mouth were, “You need to call Attorney Mark Richards, please call him, he really can help.” I called Mark that day and he made me feel comfortable just talking with him over the phone. I went to his office the next day and I knew within the first 10 minutes that I would be hiring Richards and I hired him in 2017. Richards and his staff were always there for me and that truly meant a lot to me. They always explained everything and kept me updated on everything that was happening. February 2020, Attorney Mark Richards got my case acquitted. This is the day in which the trial was scheduled to start and without Richards and his great staff, the result could have ended up completely different and not good. Couldn’t be more grateful for my experience with having him as my Attorney, he’s an all-around great man. So if you are looking for an Attorney that will get the job done, make sure to call Attorney Mark Richards."
State v. D.K. (17 CF 1133)

"I would give ten stars if possible. Attorney Mark Richards representation has given me excellent results. The stress and worry one goes through when faced with a legal dilemma can be overwhelming as with who to choose to represent you. Mark immediately relieved me of this from the start. He’s a game changer! If you are in need of an excellent attorney that delivers, this is the firm to choose. A helpful tip for any of you that need an attorney willing to go outside Racine, they handle cases all over Wisconsin. I have also had attorney Brian Dimmer handle traffic tickets in the past and would recommend his service also."
State v. N.N. (19 CT 1339)

"I hired Brian after being charged with a group of very serious charges, two of which were felonies. In the initial meeting, I was impressed with his approach and attitude toward the case, leading me to hire him for what was a very reasonable fee, especially considering the outcome. Attorney Dimmer then took an aggressive path toward uncovering overlooked aspects of my case, navigating over two years of back and forth with the State before ultimately securing a single misdemeanor plea deal, leading to the dismissal of all other charges and a sentence of a $50 fine. Considering the serious prison time I was facing, I couldn’t be happier that I chose Brian Dimmer to take my case, and strongly encourage you to do the same. He delivered results when there was simply zero room for error."
State v. Y.I. (18 CF 116)

"I was referred to Mark Richards’ office and Attorney Dimmer answered the phone. I told him I was arrested for OWI through tears and a trembling voice and an embarrassed soul. But then something happened…his voice was calm and not judgmental. I didn’t hear harsh and negative words coming out, but calming words that were escorting me in a positive direction towards a solution. His calm voice made my tears finally stop after three days. My first appointment face to face in Attorney Dimmer’s office continued with a calming, yet very professional demeanor. I knew at that moment Mr. Dimmer was going to battle for me in the paramount and best possible outcome for such an offense, as an OWI. And Attorney Brian Dimmer did; BUT, not only did Attorney Dimmer achieve this untouchable outcome, he accomplished this with the utmost courteous professionalism. Mr. Dimmer was always there to answer questions and concerns in a timely manner, either by phone or email. He was extremely knowledgeable about the law and my case, as I lived in a different county. He accommodated by traveling to the courthouse, saving my ego and attending all court appearances for me. Sometimes I believe maybe I should have attended as punishment and forget the ego! Also, Attorney Dimmer was able to get more than what I expected for my “personal” case and I am very grateful for that. The amazing part of all of this is that Attorney Brian Dimmer did all this and more for an extremely reasonable fee. I would highly recommend Attorney Brian Dimmer for ANYONE who needs this service. If you don’t hire him, you will be regretful. So again, Mr. Dimmer, I want to thank you, not only for helping me with my case and getting me the unsurpassed outcome for the OWI, but thank you for also helping me through the emotional parts of an OWI. I see your future as the up and coming “Top Southeastern WI Criminal Defense Lawyer"
State v. K.M. (14 TR 562)

"Attorney Richards has just represented me, and I was facing four felony charges, and the State's initial offer was for 3 years of prison and 3 years of extended supervision. Attorney Richards help me through this time and was very professional. He answered all of my questions and was very courteous to my needs. I was very pleased with the outcome. I plead guilty to one felony charge and was given two years probation and was given no jail time. Thank you again Mark job well done. ""
State v. M.V. (13 CF 1272)

"I hired Attorney Richards and Attorney Dimmer after being criminally charged with embarrassing allegations. They worked to resolve my case swiftly, without a criminal conviction, and saved my job and reputation. Thanks!"
State v. K.M. (13 CM 1400)

"I hired Attorney Dimmer after I was charged with battery and disorderly conduct. He negotiated a deferred judgment agreement that helped me save my reputation, job, and family. Thanks Attorney Dimmer."
State v. T.K. (13 CM 530)

"I told Attorney Dimmer up front that I wasn't the guy who shoplifted. He believed in me and went out of his way to obtain my work records, review video surveillance, and argue my position to the State. My case was dismissed--thanks Attorney Dimmer."
State v. E.D. (13 CF 307)

"Attorney Richards and Attorney Dimmer worked together to help me contest a vehicle forfeiture proceeding after I resolved a drug-dealing case. After we filed a motion for summary judgment, the State agreed to dismiss the case entirely. Attorney Richards and Attorney Dimmer protected my vehicle assets, a $100,000 value!"
State v. R.C. (11 CV 1861)

"I was charged with a third OWI. My BAC was .32. Mark told me if convicted I would get 1 year in county jail. He also told me that if there was a way out of it he would find it. After investigating my prior OWI's in Mississippi, he filed a motion to attack my prior OWI's. After a length hearing, all charges were dismissed."
State v. R.F. (12 CT 1224)

"My first lawyer told me to take a deal for 2 years of prison. I hired Mark and he worked to amend my 5th OWI to a 4th. I received only 6 months in the county jail with Huber. He saved my business--if I had went to prison I would have lost everything."
State v. B.F. (11 CF 497)

"Mark was my third attorney but the first to believe in me. I was charged with murdering my wife, when she had in fact committed suicide. Mark and his investigator went out to the crime scene and found evidence that the police did not want to find. After testing the evidence, the murder charge against me was dismissed. If it wasn't for Mark, I would have received life in prison."
State v. J.R. (05 CF 471)

"They worked to resolve my case swiftly, without a criminal conviction, and saved my job and reputation. Thanks!"
State v. K.M. (13 CM 1400)

"Partnering with Atty. Brian Dimmer is exactly that, a partnership. He is accessible, straightforward, and gets the job done. I was on the verge of losing my license and Brian was able to reduce my most recent speeding ticket (22 mph over the limit) to a 2-pt speedometer malfunction. Thank you, Brian!"
County v. M.Z. (14 TR 3179)

"Great Attorney, helped me beat a DUI charge which I was facing jail time for. Mark reviewed my case and quickly determined that there was no probable cause for the State Police to take a blood sample. After a few court sessions the DA agreed there was no probable cause and dropped the case against me! Even though Mark never promised me he would get the case dismissed, I had all confidence that he would win. He is a smart and skillful Attorney!"
State v. CC (13 CT 731)

"Brian represented me for a DC/Battery charge and was very down to earth and professional throughout the process. He kept me well informed of what I needed to accomplish. He handles it with an aggressive approach and is very punctual which I appreciated! I would very much recommend him to anyone!"
State v. L.K.

"Brian Dimmer had recently represented me from 3 misdemeanor charges. Although we did agree on a plea with the State, there where some legal maneuvering needed in order for the for Federal Fire Arm Restrictions to not be imposed onto me. Mr. Dimmer was able to bring my case to a suitable conclusion. I would like that people know Mr. Dimmer is a very capable Defense Attorney, with a his finger on the pulse of the Racine County Court system. Would recommend!"
State v. R.S.

"We hired Brian to defend my Son in a Felony matter and Brian really went "above and beyond" in all aspects of the case. He jumped right in and was aggressive enough to get the results we desired and he communicated with my Son through-out. Day or night, it didn't matter to Brian. I hope there isn't a next time but if there is, Brian will be my choice for a Defense Attorney !"
State v. M.K.

"I hired Brian dimmer to defend me against a simple municipal ordinance in which I felt like I was falsely accused and he was able to get the ordinance DISMISSED.. I was very impressed with Brian treating a smaller case as if it was just as important to him as a greater offense.. He stayed in contact with me and promptly returned my phone calls whenever I had a question.. He is a stand up individual who makes you feel like he really cares because he does.. I'd hire Brian dimmer again for any legal issues within his scope of work without question.. EXTREMELY SATISFIED !!!"
Village v. R.S.

"Brian is an outstanding attorney. He got a criminal traffic case down to a simple traffic forfeiture. He made everything so easy and simple and went above and beyond my expectations! Highly recommended!!"
George, 8-26-15 (via avvo.com)

"Mr. Dimmer helped my daughter on some traffic offenses, he was able to get 4 different citations down to a simple fine with no loss of points. Brian is professional and thorough. He's an excellent attorney and highly recommended"
Neil, 9-18-15 (via avvo.com)

"All I can say is today attorney Brian Dimmer came to the rescue. I was facing jail, revocation, and high fines. He gave no promises but was practical and realistic about the outcome of my case. No rock was un turned and every bit of evidence was analyzed. Brian Dimmer is an attorney for the people and he fought for me. Case was dismissed! I am so relieved. Great attorney, great price, great outcome!"
Helen, 1-20-16 (via avvo.com)

"Through representation and True Experience, Mark and his associate Brian provided over the Top service for our family."
Rick, 3-16-15 (via Facebook)

"Mark is fantastic lawyer. He represented a family member of mine, in two separate instances, and exceeded our expectations both times! His associate, Brian, was also helpful. Should I ever never a defense attorney, I would absolutely use Mark."
Jennifer, 4-21-15 (via google+)

"I sought representation of the Mark Richards firm for a fraud traffic matter made where three citations were issued against me with the City of Sturtevant, WI. It was an investment in my reputation and integrity. I hired this firm based on my research of their stellar reputation. Brian Dimmer, of the firm, was my attorney of record. He was professional, asked the right questions and was diligent with me in making sure we gathered the right materials and evidence to clear my name and he did just that. Brian sought out the City Attorney to provide him with the evidence, as well as the degraded and sloppy police work in the case. The citations against me were dismissed in the first month of my reputation. Brian was stellar and this firm is a must hire."
Village v. M.B.

"Thank you Attorney Brian Dimmer for your honesty, understanding, and direction. We couldn't have completed this leg of the journey without you! We are more than satisfied with the outcome, and soon will be driving on down the road!"
State v. B.E. (via Facebook.com)

"My brother was facing revocation and prison time on false allegations. Brian went above and beyond the call of duty to uncover the truth, which he most certainly did. He went as far as to hire a private investigator and we were amazed at how they completely uncovered all the evidence proving his innocence. Brian was brilliant at the hearing. His ability to explain the facts and get to the truth was amazing. My brother was released from jail after 4 months because Brian did everything he promised us he would do. We would recommend Brian to anyone in this situation or any situation! If it weren't for him my brother would likely have been put in prison for something he did not do."
Revocation of R.S. (2017)

"I am incredibly grateful to Brian for his excellent work in defending my son. He was facing felony charges that were reduced to misdemeanors with the chance a possible clean record in the future. He now has his freedom and the chance of a much brighter future."
Stephanie, 4-5-17

"I was facing my first ever criminal offense and it was for 2 felonies of all things. I was extremely stressed out and overwhelmed with the thought of what could happen to me. I began looking for local lawyers and that's when I came across Mark Richards office. Brian was available and sprung into action immediately. He was extremely helpful, available, and honest with the entire process, making the situation a lot easier to deal with mentally/emotionally for me. His knowledge of Law and upholding it with integrity while getting the best possible outcome for his clients is absolutely admirable. I will definitely be recommending him to anyone in need of the best Law office in Racine. My end result, the felonies were dropped and I received a minor Misdemeanor with no jail time."
Kristin, 11-28-16

"I just wanted to thank you Mark. On behalf of myself but ESPECIALLY my family. That stuff about my daughter was NOT an exaggeration, you may very well have kept her from backsliding, perhaps even permanently. That is a young unfortunate whose future you helped to protect Mark, I will never forget that ever. Everybody in the courtroom was impressed. The DA came on so strong it almost seemed she was going to blow me out the door. But you took the wind out of her sails. It was, for lack of a more judicious term, badass. You've been great with me since the beginning of the case, and over the years you've helped out so many of my closest friends it would take a while for me to come up with a figure on how many. Youre one bad hombre Richards, straight up. Once again, gracias. Cant thank you enough. And even if it had gone the other way, I would still have held you in the same esteem. I'll always refer people to you or come to you for my legal needs."
Lisa, 5-15-17

"When we first phoned Mark Richards office looking for advice, Attorney Brian Dimmer answered the phone and spoke with us. We got an appointment the very same day with him and felt instantly relieved that we found the right Attorneys. Eventually our case was turned over to Attorney Mark Richards because of his experience and reputation. We couldn't be more satisfied with the outcome, DISMISSAL! Mark is an honest, straight forward, intelligent man. We respected his advice and wisdom with this case and followed his directions. We would ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND Attorney Mark Richards for any criminal case you may be facing. You will not be disappointed. Don't worry, You found the right man for the job!"
Doug, 11-15-17

"Thanks Brian for everything you have done for helping me with two OWI charges. We went to trial and won--not guilty and when I say I was scared I really was. He kept me cool, calm, and relaxed and focused. He fought for me until the end and we won. I recommend Brian to everybody."
Nate, 1-11-18 (via avvo.com)

"Thank you, Brian! I would just like to tell you thanks from the bottom of my heart. I've never seen a person help and teach a person the right way--you fought so hard for me and did it all. You are the best attorney in this community for the working man. I will remember all my life what you did for me."
State v. B.J.

"I just want to thank you for the representation you provided me my case. You kept me well-informed in every step of the case, also making sure I fully understood everything. I fully believe that had I had any other lawyer, the outcome would have been much worse. Your confidence, intelligence, and demeanor made all the difference in the court room. You will be the first attorney I recommend to people. Once again, thank you so much."
State v. N.H. 17 CF 1068

"I first hired Mark Richards in 1993 when I was facing criminal charges in Racine County. Attorney Richards was able to get all charges against me dismissed at that time. In 2017, I was involved in an altercation with a family member that was not my fault, and was charged criminally for battery and disorderly conduct. Attorney Richards filed motions, as well as a speedy trial demand on my behalf, and the case was completely dismissed on the prosecutor's motion 3 days before trial. Attorney Richards was very responsive to my concerns about the case and aggressive in his representation. I would recommend Mark Richards to anyone who needs a criminal defense attorney."
State v. D.C. (18 CM 216)

"Attorney Dimmer took his time with my case, and I received a better deal than I thought. Brian has made it where I will never go to court without him!"
State v. R.M. (18 CT 848)

"When attorney Brian Dimmer became my legal counsel I was finally able to see the light at the end of the tunnel I was traveling on. There's truly no words to thank him enough after almost a year criminal case battle the judge could finally see i wasn't a criminal just someone who made a mistake."
State v. S.B. (17 CM 2388)