Criminal Defense.

Only Criminal Defense.

Specializing in criminal defense since 1987.

Some firms advertise that they specialize in family law, personal injury, trusts and estates, and criminal defense. The word those firms are looking for is "practice," not "specialize." We specialize in criminal defense because we don't practice in those other areas of law. We have 40 years of combined experience in Wisconsin and Federal courts defending our clients from a broad range of charges. 

Below, we have divided those charges into categories, to better help explain why you need a firm that specializes in criminal defense, not just practices in it. 


DUI, OWI, Operating w/ Prohibited Alcohol Concentration, Operating w/ a Controlled Substance, Homicide by Intoxicated Driver, Reckless Driving

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Crimes Against Persons

Homicide, sexual assault, substantial battery, battery, domestic abuse, stalking, false imprisonment, strangulation, armed robbery, battery to inmates, intoxicated use of a weapon

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Drug Cases

possession of a controlled substance, delivery of a controlled substance, maintaining a drug-trafficking place, possession of paraphernalia, manufacturing (grow operation) drugs

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Property Crimes

Burglary, Theft, Arson, Criminal Trespass, Retail Theft, Animal Mistreatment, Bribery, Criminal Damage to Property, Welfare Fraud, Identity Theft

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Sexual Assault Cases

sexual assault of a child, physical abuse of a child; neglect of a child, causing mental harm, truancy, child pornography

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Traffic Citations

Speeding, operating after revocation, operating after suspension, hit-and-run, failure to report an accident, inattentive driving

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Revocation of Probation

probation revocations, felon in possession of a firearm, bail-jumping, resisting or obstructing an officer, violating a restraining order

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post-conviction motions, sentence modifications, early release from prison, discharge from probation, habeas corpus, petitions for review

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Juvenile Delinquency Actions

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Harassment Injunctions and Restraining Orders

Harassment Injunctions, Domestic and Juvenile Restraining Orders

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Civil Litigation

Property forfeiture/seizures; municipal ordinances; small claims actions; contempt of court; injunctions

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