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We specialize as Racine's top robbery and theft defense attorneys. 

Robbery and theft are the primary class of "property crime." We practice as defense attorneys in the following property crime cases:

  • Theft from automobile, theft from person, theft from building or dwelling
  • Burglary, robbery, armed robbery, criminal damage to property
  • Fraud, identity theft, welfare fraud, tax evasion, theft from employer, white collar crime
  • Take and drive a vehicle without permission (OMVWOC)

With most property crimes, hiring an aggressive defense attorney is the first step to resolving the case without a criminal conviction, or with the least consequences. 

Being a robbery and theft attorney requires substantial investigation and litigation. Here is a list of some of the many steps that we can take in defending a client from property crime charges: 

  • We can challenge the ownership of the property: was the property the complainant's in the first place? Does our client have a claim to the property?
  • We can challenge the value of the property: was the property really worth over $500? Who made the valuation and how did they make the valuation? 
  • We can challenge whether our client's actually took or damaged the property - this is especially important in theft from employer cases;
  • We can review business records, surveillance videos, and other physical evidence. This is especially vital in white-collar crime or theft-from-employer cases;
  • We can interview witnesses and carefully examine written statements;
  • We can determine whether the complainant wants our client convicted at all. Sometimes all a complainant wants is their money or property returned;
  • We can defend property crimes at trial - we have successfully argued for acquittals in many jury trials, as recent as a theft from employer case in early January of 2019!
“I hired Attorney Dimmer after I was charged with battery and disorderly conduct. He negotiated a deferred judgment…”
— State v. T.K. (13 CM 530)
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